We at Amanzimtoti High School take pride in our uniform and are appealing to all learners to please wear their uniform correctly at all times. We would like to appeal to all parents to please assist us in ensuring that their child wears the correct uniform at all times.   

Boys Uniform

       Grey long pants with belt loops. 
(No black trousers may be worn.)

       Standard 2.5 cm black or grey belt.

       School regulation shirt that buttons at the neck.

       For Winter - School tie.  NO PLAIN NAVY TIES WILL BE ALLOWED. 

       For Winter - Navy Blazer. This must have 2 buttons on it and the top button must be kept buttoned at all times.

       Grey socks.

       Black school regulation shoes - kept clean at all times.

Girls Uniform

       Navy skirt no more than 8 cms above the ground when in a kneeling position.  Please can parents assist in this matter as a number of girls are wearing very short skirts.

       School regulation shirt.

       For Winter - Navy Blazer.

       White socks.

       School regulation black shoes -  kept clean at all times.

       Hair accessories preferably red and navy.

       Stockings may only be worn by senior learners from Grade 10 to Grade 12. 

       These must be navy in colour.

The school regulation jersey may be worn in winter underneath the blazer but NEVER on it's own.


For learners partaking in sports the following applies:

The regulation house t-shirt in either red, navy or white with the navy PE shorts must be worn to all practises - rugby, swimming & water polo being the only exceptions.
For Rugby practises, the pupils may wear their own rugby jersey.
For Swimming & Waterpolo, the regulation school swimming costume must be worn.

Each sporting code has a specific uniform that has to be worn for matches - check with the uniform shop as to what your specific sporting code has to wear.

For learners attending sports as spectators the following applies:

Full School uniform must be worn at all times ie Summer uniform for summer sports & full Winter uniform for winter sports. We have a School Golf shirt (as shown alongside) in stock which may be worn with decent Blue Denim Jeans to various sporting fixtures at school. They are also available for parents to buy & wear as a Supporter's shirt.


The Uniform Shop is situated on the school premises & is the only outlet for our uniform. (See below for opening hours & contact details)